Clever Solutions for Unsightly Covers

Creative utility cover solutions for driveways and patios.

If you have necessary but unsightly covers, for example, utility boxes or lids in the middle of your driveway or patio, consider having us install these attractive covers.

15 years ago we installed a paver driveway in the hills of Cloverdale. The properties are remote and away from city utilities and sewer. Homeowners out there need to access their septic tanks and water pumps on a regular basis for maintenance and repairs.

The paver driveway allowed for access to the pump below the surface, but after digging through the sand and resetting the pavers a few times, the owners asked us for a better solution. The photo on the left shows the original paver driveway with the new paver utility cover installed to allow for easy and quick access.

When it came time to add a patio to the property, the owners had chosen a sunny area at the side of the house but wanted a more attractive way to cover the ugly septic tank covers.

The picture on the right shows the new patio with the covers installed to hide septic tank covers, but allow for easy access.

Creative utility cover solutions for driveways and patios.
Creative solutions for unsightly access covers.