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Outdoor Elements
Paver Steps
Pool Decks
Retaining Walls
  • Patio with firepit create by The Legacy Paver Group
    Patio With Firepit
  • Striking paver firepit by The Legacy Paver Group
    Striking Paver Firepit
  • A fire pit by The Legacy Paver Group
    Fire Pit
  • Paver step pathway by The Legacy Paver Group
    Paver Steps & Pathway
  • Paver installation at the McDonald Mansion in Santa Rosa by the Legacy Paver Group.
    McDonald Mansion Paver Project
  • The Legacy Paver Group installed a beautiful roof-top patio area at ATT Smith Plaza in San Ramon
    ATT Smith Plaza Paver Project
  • Walkway pavers for the Amarosa Academy in Santa Rosa
    Amarosa Academy Paver Project
  • Commercial paver project in San Anselmo for the Red Hill Shopping Center
    Red Hill Shopping Center Paver Project
  • Stone pavers for driveway in St. Helena
    Driveway Paver Project 3
  • Residential driveway paver project
    Driveway Paver Project 2
  • Drivewy paver project
    Driveway Paver Project 1
  • Paver patio project by The Legacy Paver Group
    Patio Paver Project 1
  • A commercial patio paver project by The Legacy Paver Group
    Patio Paver Project 2
  • Stone paver walkway by Legacy Pavers
    Walkway Paver Project 2
  • A flow-path with stone pavers by the Legacy Paver Group
    Flow Path Paver Project 1
  • Swimming pool accented with stone pavers
    Pool Paver Project 1
  • Firepit built with stone pavers
    Firepit With Stone Pavers
  • A stone paver inlay by Legacy Pavers in Santa Rosa, CA
    Stone Paver Inlay 1
  • A stone compass inlay at the USF project
    Compass Stone Inlay
  • Stone paver pathway at a resort in Sonoma
    Stone Paver Pathway 1
  • Permeable pavers used to create a spectacular driveway
    Permeable Paver Driveway 1
  • Bullnose steps with stone pavers
    Paver Steps With Bullnose
  • A beautiful stone compass inlay by Legacy Pavers
    Stone Compass Inlay
  • Stone paver circular feature at a winery
    Stone Paver Circular Feature
  • Stone pavers at USF by The Legacy Paver Group
    Stone Pavers At USF
  • An HGTV Dream Home paver project completed by The Legacy Paver Group
    HGTV Dream Home Paver Project
  • Example depicting a stone paver installation
    Paver Installation Example
  • Stone paver steps in Novato
    Paver Steps - Project 1
  • Stone paver retaining wall near swimming pool
    Retaining Wall Paver Project 1
  • Stone pavers form a swimming pool deck in Marin County
    Pool Paver Project 2
  • Stone paver pool deck in Healdsburg, CA
    Pool Paver Project 3
  • Pavers by the Legacy Paver Group for The Bay Model
    The Bay Model Paver Project
  • Bay Street Plaza paver project in Emeryville
    Bay Street Plaza Paver Project
  • Legacy Pavers installed beautiful paver paths and streetscapes for the City of Livermore
    City of Livermore Paver Project
  • Paver project at the Port of Oakland by The Legacy Paver Group
    Paver Project for the Port of Oakland
  • Beautiful pavers for Corte Madera Town Center by Legacy Pavers
    Pavers for the Town Center in Corte Madera
  • Beautiful paver project by Legacy Pavers at Jack London Square
    Paver Project at Jack London Square
  • Stone paver driveway project in the Bay Area
    New Driveway For Bay Area Homeowner
  • Driveway by Legacy Pavers
    Driveway Upgrade Project
  • Steep driveway improved with stone pavers.
    Steep Driveway

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