Some of the most frequently asked questions about hardscaping:

Our price includes the full spectrum of materials and services needed to complete the job, including the design, demolition, excavation and building materials. Each project is different, so we encourage you to get a free estimate before anything else. We’ll come to your property, do the measurements, show you some options and put together an estimate.

Our warranty covers anything related to the installation itself, including buckling, cracking, spreading and retaining edge failure. If we investigate a problem and determine it was caused by incorrect installation methods, we’ll repair it immediately for free. The warranty doesn’t cover problems that are unrelated to the installation, like tree roots, but we can easily fix those issues by lifting up the pavers, cutting the roots back and putting it all back together. Stained pavers aren’t covered, but they’re easily replaced. Sealing is a great way to protect pavers against certain stains.

Yes, we have several skilled designers on our team. There are many pavers and designs to choose from, and it can get a bit overwhelming for some people. We’ll look at your house and suggest products, colors, and styles that we feel would work best. We can also do a custom design if you’d prefer.

Absolutely. You can put pavers anywhere that you can put concrete, as long as it’s done correctly. Each application has its own requirements, though—the installation around a pool is different than the installation on a driveway.

Yes. In contrast to non-permeable materials, paving stones allow water to drain through, which lets the bacteria that lives between the stones remove toxins before they reach surrounding water supplies.

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