Natural stone pathways and patio pavers beautify your home’s backyard or front façade.

  • Paver step pathway by The Legacy Paver Group
    Paver Steps & Pathway
  • Paver patio project by The Legacy Paver Group
    Patio Paver Project 1
  • A commercial patio paver project by The Legacy Paver Group
    Patio Paver Project 2

In California, we’re fortunate to live in a place with so many beautiful days we can spend outdoors. By creating a custom patio and pathway throughout your yard, you can take something utilitarian and make it welcoming and attractive with almost limitless creative options. Expand your livable space with a custom patio and pathway installation from the Diamond Certified experts at The Legacy Paver Group (707) 538-1071 and spend more of your time out in that wonderful California sunshine.

Having The Legacy Paver Group replace your old, cracked concrete and expensive, high-maintenance landscape with eco-friendly pavers is the best way to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Remove worn-out old beds and replace them with a luxurious patio you can‘t wait to get back to each day. You can even add a custom outdoor element like a BBQ or firepit to give your new space even more appeal. And because we’re Diamond Certified, you’re sure to get top-notch workmanship with a warranty that can’t be beat.

The Legacy Paver Group’s unique patio and walkway designs can transform the way you see your property and increase the joy you derive from being there. That makes it an investment in more than just your home—it’s an investment in your happiness. Here are a few potential ideas for your space:

  • Entry Walkways: If you’re looking to make an impression from the curb, look no further than a custom paver walkway to your front door. It’ll look even better with a matching driveway!
  • Garden Pathways: Turn your backyard garden into a luxurious design element with paver walkways that meander throughout. They’re perfect when matched with garden walls made from the same pavers!
  • Custom Patios: Create a patio of any size and dimension with the color and style of pavers you select during the planning phase. You can even include custom design elements in the pavers themselves!
  • Specialty Patios: Bring your patio dreams to life with a specialty paver creation from Legacy. We can include firepits, BBQs, pizza ovens, refrigerators, sinks, workspaces, and much, much more!

When you call on The Legacy Paver Group to design and install your paver patio and pathways, you’ll be working with a Diamond Certified installer that backs their work with a 25-year guarantee. There are no surprises when you work with Legacy—you’ll receive exactly what was promised, both in terms of pricing and the final product. You’ll get world-class workmanship and the finest eco-friendly paver products on the market.

Don’t wait another year to begin changing the way you see and experience your backyard landscape. Get a custom patio and pathway installed by The Legacy Paver Group and find out what you’ve been missing. The beautiful California weather is out there waiting for you, and a new installation from Legacy Paver Group is all it takes to capture it for yourself. The service is extraordinary, the workmanship is masterful, and the pricing can’t be beat!

Undertaking a project like a new paver patio or pathway can be a bit intimidating for those who aren’t familiar with the products or how they’re installed. We completely understand and welcome your questions during our free estimate visit. However, here are a few questions we get regularly whose answers may help you make your call to The Legacy Paver Group (707) 538-1071.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are the owners of The Legacy Paver Group involved in my project?

Yes. The co-owners of The Legacy Paver Group are just about as hands-on as you can get. They’re involved on a face-to-face basis with each client to ensure they get the best possible service we can deliver. This includes the design phase and regular progress reports during the installation project. You’ll get all the attention you need from the ownership team at The Legacy Paver Group.

How do you determine the pricing of my particular project?

All pricing from The Legacy Paver Group can be thought of as all-inclusive. That means that your price is set by your projects specifics – the design, the demolition, the excavation, the materials, and all the labor required to complete the project. We come to your property for an inspection of the project area, take all necessary measurements, and then deliver a proposal priced to cover everything. You’ll find no surprises at the end of the project. What we quote is what you pay.

What does your 25-year warranty cover?

As a Diamond Certified installer of paver systems, The Legacy Paver Group offers a 25-year warranty on all installations. This warranty covers everything related to the installation and any issues arising from our work will be repaired or replaced at our discretion at no cost to you. If the issue is caused by a manufacturer defect, we’ll assist you in getting it corrected with the manufacturer. You’ll never be left on your own with The Legacy Paver Group.

Designing the patio and pathway system of your dreams is easier than you ever thought possible. All it takes is one call to (707) 538-1071 to get the Diamond Certified installation experts from The Legacy Paver Group on the scene to give you a price and handle the work. It’s affordable, it adds value to your home, and it’s covered by a warranty that’s tough to beat. That’s what you get when you work with Legacy Paver Group and that’s the kind of commitment to quality you deserve.