The Legacy Paver Group works with general contractors on all phases of commercial hardscaping projects.

  • Paver installation at the McDonald Mansion in Santa Rosa by the Legacy Paver Group.
    McDonald Mansion Paver Project
  • The Legacy Paver Group installed a beautiful roof-top patio area at ATT Smith Plaza in San Ramon
    ATT Smith Plaza Paver Project
  • Walkway pavers for the Amarosa Academy in Santa Rosa
    Amarosa Academy Paver Project
  • Beautiful pavers for Corte Madera Town Center by Legacy Pavers
    Town Center of Corte Madera
  • Commercial paver project in San Anselmo for the Red Hill Shopping Center
    Red Hill Shopping Center Paver Project

Commercial Paver Services

More than ever before, commercial concerns are turning to paver solutions rather than traditional concrete or asphalt installations. Pavers offer a far more aesthetically pleasing choice for commercial projects than other options, and their durability and low-cost maintenance are more economical over the long term. The Legacy Paver Group specializes in commercial paver installations of all types. We’ve helped cities and towns with their urban renewal projects, colleges and universities with their gathering places, and corporate and retail establishments with their properties. In each case, our paver installations have instilled the final result with eye-catching visuals and generational longevity.

As the Bay Area’s premier paver installation contractor for commercial clients, The Legacy Paver Group can handle any design challenge and create a stunning, eco-friendly solution that exceeds expectations at every turn. We’ll work closely with you, your subcontractors and architects to devise the appropriate pricing and timelines for your particular project. Here are some examples of the types of projects we’ve successfully completed:

  • City Plazas: Over the past 20 years, we’ve partnered with a variety of municipal clients to improve the look and functionality of their public spaces. Today, examples of our work can be found throughout the Bay Area.
  • College Campuses: From Santa Rosa Junior College to The University of San Francisco, The Legacy Paver Group has transformed the common areas at Bay Area educational institutions with beautiful, durable pavers that increase aesthetics while reducing maintenance costs.
  • Corporate Offices: From AT&T in San Ramon to Federal Express in Windsor, Legacy has been beautifying corporate and retail offices with eco-friendly pavers for many years and our results speak for themselves—loudly!
  • Resort Hotels: Our paver installations have completely changed the way hotels and resorts look to their guests as they arrive. That’s so important in an industry where first impressions are everything!

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a contracting firm to handle your commercial paver installation is their reputation within the industry. Our Diamond Certified status means we’ve been thoroughly screened for licensing, insurance and past excellence in our field, so you know your project will be in the very best of hands. Plus, our 25-year warranty on every installation means we’ll be there standing behind our work should anything go wrong.

The Legacy Paver Group has been directly involved with some of the largest paver projects in the Bay Area, brought in specifically by architects and general contractors to deal with all their paver-related needs. They know we’re not confounded by challenges or obstacles and are quick to offer solutions. We finish the work on time and come in on budget—every project, every time. From sourcing all materials to attending or organizing planning and safety meetings, when you hire The Legacy Paver Group you get a dedicated, reputable asset you can rely on to go above and beyond what’s expected. To get a free consultation on your upcoming commercial project, call us at (707) 538-1071.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will the company owners be involved in my commercial project?

Without a doubt, our commercial projects are the most complex we undertake, and as such, our ownership is fully invested in the process. From the initial contact through the design and installation, the owners will be there to ensure your commercial project stays on track. They will provide you with regular progress reports throughout the job, so you’ll know they’re on the scene, making sure the work is done to our high standards.

How will my commercial project be priced?

As with any project undertaken by Legacy, the pricing is determined after a careful review of several factors, including the project design, the cost of materials, demolition and excavation, and estimated labor hours required to complete the project. These specifics are then calculated to come up with the pricing we deliver to you. You’ll get no surprises later on—the price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

As a Diamond Certified paver installer, we confidently offer a 25-year warranty on every installation project, including commercial. Everything related to the installation is covered, so if an issue arises due to faulty installation, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you. If an issue arises due to a manufacturer defect, we’ll assist you in getting it rectified by the manufacturer. Regardless of the situation, when you work with The Legacy Paver Group, you’ll never be left on your own.