• Paver step pathway by The Legacy Paver Group
    Paver Steps & Pathway
  • Bullnose steps with stone pavers
    Paver Steps With Bullnose
  • Stone paver steps in Novato
    Paver Steps - Project 1

Retaining Walls and Steps

Stone pavers create functional retaining walls and transitions.

When you are redesigning an outdoor space, challenges often arise related to new grading and adjusting levels. This is where our expertise in this area can help immensely.

If you have water running towards or under your home, we can adjust the levels of your patio or add a drainage system to guide the water away.
Adjusting levels can also impact existing steps and landings from your patio or garage access doors, and we can design and build new stairs which match your patio. We can also replace DG and wooden steps, or create a whole new stairway leading up to different levels of a tiered landscape or sloped garden giving access to previously unused spaces.

We can replace crumbling, cracked or rotten retaining walls, or build new ones (up to 4ft) if you would like to create more space.