A swimming pool isn’t complete without the perfect paver deck.

  • Swimming pool accented with stone pavers
    Pool Paver Project 1
  • Stone pavers form a swimming pool deck in Marin County
    Pool Paver Project 2
  • Stone paver pool deck in Healdsburg, CA
    Pool Paver Project 3

Your swimming pool project is the culmination of a lot of your hard work and you should get the very best for that kind of investment. If you ask someone with a pool deck from Legacy Paver Group, they’ll tell you that pavers are, by far, the best option on the market. And, with all the colors and styles to choose from you’re certain to find the one that suits your tastes – not to mention your budget. Paver pool deck consultations are free when you call Legacy today (707) 538-1071. Or, use our Contact form and one of our team members will call you to discuss your project.

Your pool, whether a brand new installation or a professional renovation, should be a gorgeous sight to behold on those hot summer days and the pool deck should showcase the beauty all year long. It accentuates the luxury of a swimming pool in your back yard and adds value to your home for generations to come. With a style and color for every taste, and a design team that will work closely with you and your pool installation company to ensure everything is perfectly installed, Legacy Paver Group is the Diamond Certified answer to all your paver pool deck questions.

Our Diamond Certified pool deck installations offer homeowners the ideal finishing touch for their installation. We work directly with the pool company to coordinate all the work and ensure your installation goes off without a hitch. Your choice of working with Legacy Paver Group on a new pool deck has four key benefits:

  • Elegant Design: Your new paver pool deck will be the colors and styles you chose in exactly the configuration discussed during planning. It’ll be everything you dreamed of and more and bring a whole new beauty to your swimming pool.
  • Options Galore: There’s no limit to the creativity you can use when designing your new paver pool deck. From color combinations to custom designs, pavers offer you the spectrum of choice without worrying over effective function.
  • Increased Value: Whether you plan on selling some day or keeping your home forever, a paver pool deck from Legacy Paver Group can add that extra something that buyers are looking for – not to mention real cash value.
  • Our Warranty: As a Diamond Certified installer of paver pool decks, Legacy Paver Group offers an incredible 25 year warranty on all installations. This covers everything related to the work and offers the peace of mind that comes with good decisions.

Hardscaping is something best left to the professionals – especially a pool deck. This surface will be exposed to a great deal of foot traffic and chlorinated water throughout its lifetime and needs the best possible installation techniques to be used to ensure the pavers drain properly, settle within specifications, and remain in place after continuous use of your pool. There’s far more to eco-friendly paver pool decks than what you see on the surface, so working with a Diamond Certified installation company like Legacy Paver Group is imperative to getting a finished product you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Your pool, be it a plan which has finally come to fruition or a renovation project, can be more than you ever thought possible with the addition of a paver pool deck from Legacy Paver Group. Our touches will give your pool that “WOW!” factor you’ve always wanted and they are less than you might think. You won’t know unless you call (707) 538-1071 for a free estimate. After just one conversation about the benefits of a paver pool deck from Legacy Paver Group we know you’ll be sold on the value, the beauty, and the price.

There are going to be times working with a contractor, especially when contemplating something as large-scale as a new pool deck, when you need a bit of information beforehand to better narrow the search for the right contractor to partner with for your project. Legacy Paver Group understands that thinking and offers the following answers to help you make an informed decision about the benefits of working with our Diamond Certified installers:

Commonly Asked Questions

A pool deck is a complex undertaking. Will the owners be involved in my project?

Yes. The co-owners of Legacy Paver Group will be involved throughout the planning and implementation phases of your project. They’ll meet face-to-face with you to discuss your thoughts and wishes before turning the work over to our expert paver installation team. The owners will continue to deliver progress reports throughout the project to ensure you’re always up-to-speed. There won’t be a moment when you feel left out or overlooked during the whole process.

How is the pricing for my paver pool deck calculated?

Legacy Paver Group is committed to giving our client no surprises when they see their final bill, so we include everything related to the project – design, demolition, excavation, materials, and labor – in our estimate. Our ownership keeps you fully informed throughout the work, so you’ll always know exactly what’s happening during your installation. You’ll pay what we quoted every time.

What does your Diamond Certified mean?

Being named as a Diamond Certified paver installer is a significant accomplishment and provides you with instant verification of licensing, insurance, and reputation as earned through successful client projects and reviews. It showcases our ability to meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry and allows us to offer our 25-year warranty on every pool deck installation we complete. If a problem arises that’s determined to be our installation at fault then we’ll fix it at no cost to you. That’s the kind of peace of mind that comes with hiring the very best for your project.

Owning a pool is a wonderful luxury that should transform your backyard into a far-off vacation resort where you can escape from the hum-drum of everyday life. That’s exactly what you get when you partner with Legacy Paver Group for your pool deck installation. From an array of colors and styles to intricate design choices, there’s nothing the Legacy team can’t do and no expectation we can’t exceed. Call (707) 538-1701 today for the pool deck of your dreams!