An HGTV Dream Home paver project completed by The Legacy Paver Group

HGTV Dream Home Paver Project

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Project Details

  • Client: Homeowner
  • Location: Sonoma County
  • Square Footage: unavailable
  • Year Completed: 2009
  • Contractor: The Legacy Paver Group
An HGTV Dream Home paver project completed by The Legacy Paver Group

Project Description

In the Summer of 2008, the builders and producers of the HGTV Dream Home 2009 started preparation on the landscape and hardscape for this property. Paver manufacturer BELGARD joined the project as a major sponsor, pledging to provide the pavers and recommend one of their preferred installers. After a rigorous selection process, THE LEGACY PAVER GROUP was chosen for the design and installation.

The paver selection began by getting the team together to discuss which option would best suit the style of the house and neighborhood. Developer Steve Ledson insisted that the hardscape should look more rustic than poured concrete, while contractor Bruce A. Lee’s primary concern was that the pavers be vehicular grade and properly retained, especially on the driveway. The group decided that Belgard’s Mega Bergerac pavers in the Rio blend, with their large, sturdy, tumbled look in a color combination of subtle grays and charcoals, with a varied selection of sizes, was the ideal choice.

To soften the appearance of the hardscape (and in keeping with the design of other houses on the street), it was decided that the driveway would be installed as two driveable paver strips with ground cover in between and on either side. Paver designer and owner of The Legacy Paver Group, Hayley Kaslar, suggested using large 14 x14 pavers as a border with a random pattern in between. This striking design also gives the strips the durability required for vehicular use. The Courtyard in front of the garage, the main path to the entrance, and the rear patio all mirror this design.

The end result delivers! The hardscape and surrounding landscaping of the HGTV Dream Home 2009 is breathtaking and beautifully complements this farm-style house in the wine country of Northern California .